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2 children struck to death by lightning in Lakes State


Local authorities in Awairial County of Lakes State said two boys were struck and killed by lightning in Guolyar village on Monday. 

The commissioner of Awairial County, Simon Jok Geng, said he was informed by his executive director that the incident happened on Monday at 2 pm when it was raining. 

“Those children were killed by a lightning strike during the rain. Both boys were from the same family and were aged between 12 and 15,” Commissioner Jok said.  

He said lightning strikes were not a new phenomenon in the area and that it can happen at any time. 

“Even when I was a small little boy here in Awairial it happened. So, it is not the first time for lightning strikes to occur in the villages,” he said. 

The police chief inspector in Awairial County, Bol Tier, confirmed the incident but said two other boys escaped unhurt. 

“A lightning strike indeed killed 2 children here in Guolyar near a village but two others survived yesterday (Monday)”, Tier said.

He identified the deceased boys as Wel Bol Chok and Maghok Makoi Mayen.

“The two children are from Butagok Payam and their bodies were collected for burial by their family,” Tier added.

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